Marvin Janczak


We're celebrating the incredible 30-year work anniversary of our own Marvin Janczak here at Don Elliott Autoworld!

Marvin joined Don Elliott in 1989 right after the Buick-Mazda dealership in Rosenberg, where he worked for 17 years, went bankrupt.  Don Elliott sold Mazdas at the time as well, and that was the link that brought them together.  Marvin is a Rosenberg native and an Army veteran, stationed in Germany during the height of the cold war.  He credits the Army for teaching him how to keep all manner of military vehicles supplied with fuel, oil and parts, thus helping to start his outstanding career in parts and accessories for all of us for over 47 years.  His favorite nameplate has always been Buick since he grew up around a Buick dealership where his dad was a salesman.  So it's only fitting he works at Autoworld, a long-time Buick dealer.

He's been married to his wife, Gloria, for 37 years.  In the rare moments he's not at work, they like to visit museums and local historic sites, take in car shows, and he says he likes movies especially with a military theme.

He loves his work because he loves to be able to help people.  His advice to anyone on having a long, distinguished career such as his, is just to be as conscientious as you can in whatever you do.  His "grand-pappy" said to him, '…even if you only know how to dig a ditch, make it the straightest, deepest ditch you can.'  Great advice and we're sure glad Marvin took it to heart.  Congratulations, again, Marvin for 30 great years with Don Elliott Autoworld!